Becky Poynter Becky Poynter

About Me

Hello, Becky Poynter here!
I’m a photographer, designer, hand lettering enthusiast, and all around creative based in the NW Chicago area suburbs.

Ever since I was little my parents would always say that there was never a safe piece of paper in our house, which was very true! The same could be said with photography when we got our first digital camera, they could barely keep it out of my hands. I have always been sketching or shooting to fine tune my skills as an artist throughout high school, into my college years, and beyond.

For portraits or weddings I am an on location photographer, specializing in using natural light with a vibrant and clean style. I want everyone to come away from a session not only having had fun, but feeling gorgeous and confident with beautiful images that they can cherish forever.

In recent years have I expanded into product and food photography and I enjoy every second of it! The excitement I feel when finding just the right lighting setup to bring out the intricate details of what I am photographing is nearly indescribable and I believe that shows in my images.

When it comes to graphic design I have a clean organized style and have experience creating logos, newsletters, banners and signs, invitations, illustrations and everything in between.

If you like what you hear and see please feel free to contact me at, and thank you for visiting my website!


-  Things that I love?  -
My family, exploring new places, good times with friends, dancing and singing (when NO ONE is around haha), Italian food, gelato or sorbet, live music, spontaneous trips downtown, lilacs, movies, and crazy colorful sunsets.